Charleston town

If I only had a car
I would go very far.

If I knew how to drive,
If I knew how to dive,

I would leave for Carolina,
Maybe I would take a liner.

Maybe I would see Bahamas
Like my friend Elena Ramos.

Maybe I'd just go down
To historic Charleston town.

There I would roam the coast
And I'd meet Blackbeard's ghost.

(He with men besieged the town
When it was under the Crown).

Maybe, he would give me treasures
And my life would be just leisure

Maybe I would see the beaches
Meeting crabs and other creatures.

I will l dance with wind, my partner,
When the tide cleans like a butler.

Three days later, I'd meet Craig.
After that, my plans are vague.

Nov. 2015 Asheville NC

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