Little Eric

Little Eric came to New York
Daddy came here looking for wok,
mommy came here caring for him,
she is expecting to have brother Jim.

Layla is mommy and Edhuine is dad,
what a nice couple, happy and glad,
Mom is a dancer, and Dad steers ships,
he is a captain and goes on trips.

Little Eric came from Brazil,
He will speak English, sure he will.
He will speak English and Portuguese,
He tries to utter thank you and please.

Little Eric is one and a half,
Look at him now, wearing a scarf,
Mittens, a hat and overalls,
Soon he might go to Niagara Falls.

Little Eric came by a plane,
There in Brasil he saw only rain,
Here in winter it snows a lot,
Here it's cold and there it's hot.

Eric plays here with different toys,
sometimes he is quite and sometimes makes noise,
Here'' s a monkey and here's a car,
Here is his book about a star.

Snow, snow, it can glow,
Eric's snow man will grow,
Mummy made a snow ball
To protect him from a fall.

If she makes two legs from snow,
Maybe, snow man will go
To the house, on the porch?
He is walking, stand and watch!

Eric was surprised a little,
But this snow man was little,
It is nice to make a friend,
Well, bye-bye, that's happy end.

Eric had enough of snow,
It is high though it was low,
Eric's hands are very red,
And it's time to go to bed.

He decides to go home,
But inside, he saw a gnome-
He will call him LItte Sam,
It's his friend, the snowman!

Both boys would like some supper,
They looked up, and he looked upper,
On the shelf, they saw some bread,
-Can I have it?- Eric said.

After eating a good supper-
Milk and jam with bread and butter-
"Thank you", little Eric said
And with pleasure went to bed.

Little Sam eat apples, honey,
And a piece of choclolate bunny
Very soon, he was asleep
And his sleep was very deep

In his dream, he saw a fairy,
She was beautiful, not scary,
Fairy from a fairy land
With a wand in her hand.

In the morning, mom and daddy
Saw an unfamiliar lady.
And they noticed with joy:
Snow man became a boy!

Now Eric had a brother,
Sam was made by Eric's mother,
Little boys with talk and play,
Every night and every day.

Feb 2016. New York

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