Mr. Forsyth

Mr Forsyth

mister Forsyth
looked down from his height:
-Are people all right
At the lawn of Forsyth?
Are the bushes still green ?
Is the fountain white?

-Oh, don't you worry, Mister Forsyth:
The trees have stood up to all their height,
The bushes still blossom with all the might.
The children are running chasing a kite,
The fountain's sparkling with water and light.

but Mr Forsyth looks down in dismay:
-it seems that the grass is becoming like hay,
But what can I do if I am stone all day?
There are still two months till the showers of May.
But what can I do if I' stone all day?

Perhaps when the sun will cast its last ray
I will go down making my way
To watering cans and a a big tray,
I'll water my grass and it will be O.K.

-Or, mister Forsyth, do if you please,
The moon will resemble a yellow cheese,
The birds will sleep, both sea gulls and geese,
When all go home and nobody sees
Feel free to take care of grass and the trees..
But you should remember- you'll get no fees.

-My fees are the joy of those who'll come,
I' want no more even minimal sum,
I want no treasures, vodka or rhum.
Let children come here with a father and mum,
Let balls jump up here made of good gum.

-O.k., I am leaving, see you at night.-
I'll warn everybody of mister Forsyth:

He'll water trees, he'lll take care of grass:
Please do not get scared if you happen to pass,
And see the old monument coming to life,
Just count to four or found to five-
He means no harm, no reason to dive.

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

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