The joy of climbing life as if a dune

To Craig

It being February, I start to write
The warmest words of you with all my might,
The one who shared life with me, both day and night,
My joy and sorrow, sadness and delight.

The one who shared everyday fatigue,
And made it music, like the tunes of Grieg,
The one with whom I formed a very happy league
Of loving parents though kids are big.

I'm short of words, they're so vague
To write of feelings for my charming Craig,
They are so strong, I dare to invent
My own words saying what I meant:

Not oh and ah, not uh and neither hum,
You made me laugh without drinking rum,
You solved for me the most puzzling sum,
You cheered me without sticks and drum.

No language can express, perhaps a tune,
The joy of climbing life as if a dune,
With you who was with me when life was June
And still with me when life is August soon.

February 2016

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