Do you remember?

To Serge

Do you remember, my son, do you remember
How we drove to Asheville late In September?
So you remember, Serge, how we found
My future home in twilight blue and profound?

Do you remember, Serge, Сedаr Knoll Road,
How we stopped, we admired the place and we rode,
Rode through time, Appalachia and starry space
To a hotel, which was a beautiful place?

Now you are far in the North, in Buffalo City,
Where you live with your girl, clever and pretty.
How I long that you come to us for a visit,
Though I know it’s not happening- is it?

My dear son, I bitterly missed you this Sunday,
Sunday with you could easily turn to a fun day.
If I were rich I would probably buy you a ticket,
So you’d hop in the plane as if you were a cricket.

So you'd fly above clouds, over rivers,
Bears and pines, beautiful deer and beavers,
So you'd land very safely in our town,
And I could see how you are going down.

So we'd all ride together to Ceder Knoll Road,
So we'd listen to jazz without a word,
Then we'd sit by the table and laugh while we talk,
Sounds of our voices being better than rock.

March 7, 2015

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