Toy Sailor

The sailor stands, the sailor waits
Till ships return with all his mates,
And he regrets he'd come ashore,
He is under spell in a harbor store.

His buttons are gold, his coat is blue,
He looks ahead past me and you,
Oh, how much I'd love to talk
With him of seas that like to rock.

When all asleep. when all asleep,
When silence comes. and silence's deep,
He starts to talk, he starts to tell
The other toys about his spell.

He whistles a tune, he whistles a tune,
of wind which sings among the dunes,
of seagulls' wings across the sky,
Of boats which are passing by,

I think one day, I think one day
He will return into the bay,
One happy day when the boat comes
He'll leave the harbor free of charms.

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