20 days with Julian and bunny by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Что мог бы написал автор вместо предисловие к своему дневнику, который он вел летом 1851 года.

Я остался с сынишкой и няней, а жена уехала в Бостон,
Мне романы писать с ним оказалось вовсе не просто,
Целый день задавал он массу вопросов,
Мы кормили с ним кролика травкой и просом.

Мы ходили с ним вместе по местечкам окрестным,
Разговаривать с маленьким сыном оказалось так интересно,
Что завёл я дневник записать мои впечатленья,
И из этого вышло такое моё сочиненье:

По Натаэлю Готорну 1804-1864

From Nathaniel Hawthorn diary:

Lenox, Monday, July, 28th 1851.

At seven o'clock, A. M. Wife, E.P.P. Una, and Rosebud, took their departure, leaving Julian and me in possession of Red Shanty,The first observation which the old gentleman made thereupon was: "Father, isn't it nice to have baby gone?" His perfect confidence of my feeling in this sympathy was very queer."Why is it nice?" I inquired. "Because I can shout and squeal as loud as I please!" answered he. And for the next half hour he exercised his lungs to his heart's content, and almost split the welkin nearby. Then he hammered on an empty box, and appeared to have high enjoyment of the racket he created. In the course of forenoon. however, he fell into a deep reverie, and looked very pensive. I asked what he was thinking of, and he said:"Oh, about Mama;s going away, I do not like to be away from her."- and then he romanticized about getting horses and galloping after her.He declared, likewise, that he likes Una, and that she never troubled him.

I hardly know how we got through forenoon bath, and such kinds of rational employment.It is impossible to write, read, and even sleep( in the daytime) so constant are his appeals to me in one way or another, still he is such a genial and good-humored little man that there is certainly an enjoyment intermixed with all the annoyance.

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