Teddy bears travel

Without telling me a word,
Without a sound being heard,

Two teddy bears hit the road,
They were not a heavy load.

So off we went to the horizon-
Two teddy bears and Elisa,

Across the bridge, across New Jersey,
Describing it was very worthy.

To Baltimore we swiftly drove,
Around rest stops we did rove,

We saw tall buildings with long spires,
We saw bright lamps and sparkly fires,

We saw a horse, we saw a goat,
We spent an evening on a boat.

Yes, it was fun and an adventure,
We slept one night on sailors' benches,

The boat rocked us by the pier,
That starry night we all could hear

The lullaby of wind and seagulls
Of ships and sails and our beagle.

Next day the bears went exploring,
The trip with them was never boring!

They touched barometers and buttons,
They ate stale bread like hungry gluttons.

They took the bottle with some rum,
But knew- to drink it would be dumb.

They climbed the wheel, they climbed the masts,
Until there came a mighty gust

Which sent the bears to the cabin,
Though their wish was to go crabbing.

The teddy bears washed the dishes
And went to look at jolly fishes

Which swam around by the banks
And in the Aquarium in tanks!

We all decided it was wiser
For them to go with Elisa

Because the bears could be lost
In the aquarium's moss,

Its waterfalls, seaweed and lilies-
The teddy bears were silly.

We bought two tickets for the bears
And they rushed eagerly upstairs.

Two boats were nearby seen,
I went to look at a submarine.

The submarine was grey and little,
It looked as if it were a beetle,

Which came to sit on low wave,
Its belly full of secret caves.

I did not enter, I was scared,
To tell the truth, I rather cared

To find some reading in the store-
I'd never seen that store before!

That Barns and Noble was gigantic,
It had a tank from the Atlantic

With fish who liked to look at people
And often made the water ripple

When boys and girls came to stare
At some of them which were rare.

That book shop had a children‘s section
Of books of fantasy and action.

So boys and girls were able
To read some books at a little table.

I read a book about a bear
Who did not like to comb his hair,

And then I saw my teddy bears
Come in and sit on little chairs.

They looked through books and read with pleasure,
Because some books are real treasures.

And then we came along the pavement,
It was a pure entertainment,

We saw the harbor's lights and glare,
While each of us was carrying a bear.

We had Chinese for our super,
The bears had some bread and butter.

Then we returned to our boat
Which was ahead of us afloat

Inside, we were telling stories-
Elisa, me and my husband Morris.

The bears brushed their teeth and listened,
But then we saw there was something missing-

We lost our dog! She was still walking
And listened to the people talking!

To find the dog, we left the boat
And left for her a little note.

"Please jump inside, we are around"-
And in she came without a sound.

I guess she read it, she was was clever,
She is the cleverest doggy ever!

But soon the dog was snoring away,
That was the end of the second day.

to be cont

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