Мои сокровища- по стихам Роберта Луи Стивенсона

Орехи - вот там, на задворкеах, в гнезде,
Солдатики, собранные везде,
Когда мы гуляли, няня и я,
По полю, у моря и у корабля.

Отлично звучат самодельный свисток-
Я ножик свой дал, хоть и резать не мог- ,
Его смастерила давно из коры
На поле служанка для нас, детворы.

И камень - и желтых, и белых цыетов,
Его мы нашли вдалеке от домов,
Я нес его долго, продрог и устал,
Хоть папа не верит- он- ценный металл.

Ценнее сокровища нет короля,
Такой не у каждого, думаю я,
А там вот резец, вот его остриё,
Ну, как вам сокровище это моё?

по мотивам стихов

My Treasure

These nuts, that I keep in the back of the nest,
Where all my tin soldiers are lying at rest,
Were gathered in Autumn by nursie and me
In a wood with a well by the side of the sea.

This whistle we made (and how clearly it sounds!)
By the side of a field at the end of the grounds.
Of a branch of a plane, with a knife of my own,
It was nursie who made it, and nursie alone!

The stone, with the white and the yellow and grey,
We discovered I cannot tell HOW far away;
And I carried it back although weary and cold,
For though father denies it, I'm sure it is gold.

But of all my treasures the last is the king,
For there's very few children possess such a thing;
And that is a chisel, both handle and blade,
Which a man who was really a carpenter made.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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