"I love you, darling
I've missed you so!"
But you look sulky-
"I've grass to mow."

"Please come upstairs
To say hello!"
You give me stares-
:"No, thank you, no"

" For nineteen years
I have been waiting-
We've been a pair
Without dating!

Please come, my dear,
When I desire!"
Your answer's clear-
An angry lion.

"My inspiration
Is more important,
My love's -donation
When I feel hotter!"

"When you feel hotter,
I do not know,
We have a daughter
And grass to mow.

You are a writer
You clean the snow,
You're an insidor
You come and go.

When you fell hotter,
I might be busy,
We have a daughter.
And life's not easy!

With writing challenge
You're now dealing,
But that's my message-
You've hurt my feelings!"

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